Learn French at the Centre International d’Antibes

The Centre International d’Antibes is now widely recognized as a  gold-standard French language school  in the South of France for anyone wishing to  learn French in France .

Learn French for kids & teens

Learn French for kids & teens

The leading French language school for kids and teens aged 6 to 17 years old who come to study French in France!

French camps for juniors
Learn French for adults

Learn French for adults

French lessons in the South of France. Suitable for all levels and tailored to individual needs.

French courses for adults
French for school groups

French for school groups

French teachers! Planning on coming to France to learn French with your class? Contact us for a bespoke program!

School Groups

Why study French in France at our school?

Learn French in France with teaching methods of a renowned standard

We know that learning French in France is a real investment, and we respect your commitment by consistently offering the most up-to-date teaching methods.

Our French courses in France

The school offers French courses tailored to meet the needs of any group: French courses in France for adults , French camps in France for kids and teens and personalized French courses for school groups .

A French language school in France

Just a stone’s throw from the town center, the Centre International d’Antibes French language school is in a renovated old Provençal farmhouse with classrooms, a restaurant and gardens with panoramic sea views. Moreover, the school teaching has been awarded the highest ratings by the French and European evaluation agencies ( Label FLE and Eaquals respectively).

Our most popular destinations for kids and teens
(6–17 years)

Come and study French in some of the most beautiful locations in the South of France with these all-inclusive language camps!

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Our most popular French courses for adults
(18+ years)

Study French in France with our French courses suitable for all budgets and all levels.

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Who comes to study French with us each year?

3,000 kids and teens on language camps in France

3,000 kids and teens on language camps in France

From April to October, 6-17 year-olds attend our language camp, the most popular in Antibes.

In summer, we expand our list of destinations and the French camp in Cannes plays host to teens whilst the Premium French camp in Juan-les-Pins accommodates kids and teens of all ages for an exclusive program in a unique setting.

Finally, thanks to our partner schools, you can attend a French summer camp in Nice, Biarritz or Paris.

2,000 adults on French courses

2,000 adults on French courses

For short-stays of up to 5 weeks, most students opt for our standard courses in the morning or our full-day intensive courses.

Of the students who take classes in the morning, many opt for one of the five thematic stays such as French for seniors, French with Meditation , French with sport , French with culture , and French for the whole family.

Finally, for immersion in France lasting more than 5 weeks , most students register for the “ budget stay” package including tuition and accommodation at highly competitive prices .

250 school groups

250 school groups

We are well aware of the requirements of our partner teachers, as well as the need to offer competitive prices and comprehensive logistical support from the moment the school group arrives in France.

Moreover, French courses, activities and accommodation are generally “bespoke” and designed by the teacher in liaison with our teaching department and our “hosting” service.

Centre International d’Antibes resources

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Learn French in Paris

Learn French in Paris

Established in 1988, our partner-school is universally regarded as the gold standard for those wishing to  learn French in Paris . In addition, the school offers short and long term courses for adults as well as French summer camp in Paris for young people.

Our partner ACCORD-PARIS has been awarded the FLE label for providers of French as a foreign language.

Learn French in Paris
Why learn French in France?

Why learn French in France?

“In the 30 years I’ve been doing this job, I’ve always sought to understand the reasons why foreign teens and adults want to learn to speak French. I believe that every language offers a unique perspective on the world and whilst English has long since gained global dominance, it seems to me that the benefit of learning French lies simply in the need not to conform to the single world view of the dominant language.“

By Alexandre Garcia,
Head of teaching at the Centre International d’Antibes since 1990

Student feedback

Check out what our international students thought about their language camps at our school!

Our French school in France in videos

Our French school in France, a Provencal farmhouse built in the midst of olive trees and fruit trees, houses 22 classrooms and a restaurant with magical sea views from its patio. The school is a 10-minute walk from the town center and beaches of Antibes.


Why learn French in France?

There are many personal and professional reasons for learning French in France.  French may be one of the most beautiful languages in the world and also one of the most widely spoken, with 200 million French-speakers across five continents. Moreover, French is one of the official languages of the UN, NATO, UNESCO and the European Union.

How long does it take to learn French in France?

In general, it takes on average at least three months of immersion in France to understand or speak French fluently and six months to understand the implicit meaning and nuances of the language. Obviously, this varies according to your proficiency and the amount of work you put in. In order to learn French quickly, we recommend total immersion.

How much does it cost to study French in France?

If you want to study French in France at the Centre International d’Antibes, our prices are as follows:

  • For adults: from €195 a week (for a stay of 5 weeks or more)
  • For juniors: from €930 a week for an all-inclusive language camp (course, accommodation, activities)
Where are the best places to study French in France?

The Côte d'Azur is an iconic destination to attend a language camp in France. Its culture, its sun-drenched skies, its turquoise waters and natural heritage offer opportunities to take part in multiple activities.

What is the best way to study French in France?

The best way is total immersion in France. You will have to pluck up the courage to speak, order in restaurants, ask directions in the street, watch television, change your phone settings to French.

How can you learn French in France and work?

You will need to apply for a student visa. You will be entitled to work for 21 hours a week if you enroll on a French course in France at the same time (a minimum of 20 hours).